Chairman of the Donper Group Co., Ltd.: Yang Baichang

Yang Baichang, male, Han nationality, born in May 1955, Rizhao City Province, Shandong Province, senior economist, master of economics. Incumbent Huangshi Dongbei Electromechanical group limited liability company chairman, party secretary and enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, the national light industry system model worker, Hubei Province in the new century talents of high level scientific and technological innovation preferred candidates funded, 2008 Hubei Province Economic annual 10 man of the hour, Hubei Provincial People’s Congress, Huangshi Municipal CPC Committee, Huangshi City Industry and Commerce Union Chairman, General Chamber of Commerce president. 2009, to Yang Baichang for the first adult independent research and development of L series of environmental protection and energy saving section of the compressor in the industry first won the national science and technology progress award.

Dongbei Group was originally a difficult enterprise in Huangshi City, once insolvent, on the verge of bankruptcy. For twenty years, under the leadership of Yang Baichang, by seizing the opportunities, focus on innovation, strict management, scientific planning, and gradually get rid of the dilemma, realize sustainable development: the company leading product of refrigerator compressor production and sales by 100 million units in 2002 to 14 million units in 2009, seven years increased 13 times. Since 2005, the five consecutive annual sales volume ranks first in the same industry, the market share of 20.46%. Sales revenue increased from 200 million yuan to about 3000000000 yuan. Dongbei brand compressor to become China’s famous brand and well-known trademarks in china.

Yang Baichang attaches great importance to technological innovation and management innovation. Company has a state-level technology development center, with 102 patents (Yang Baichang is the 57 patents the first holder), become the enterprise’s core technology, product technical performance have reached “the leading domestic and international advanced level. He presided over the development of efficient environmental protection and energy saving compressor 06 years and two years 08 times won the China Light Industry Federation, “the first prize of scientific and technological progress”. 07 years in October, the Dongbei electric Limited by Share Ltd was officially recognized as the Ministry of science and technology as the national Torch Plan key high-tech enterprises”. He has won five management achievement awards, so that enterprises become a model enterprise in Hubei province”. He insisted the new road to industrialization, using information technology to transform traditional industry, actively promote the informatization project, a comprehensive introduction to ERP management system, video conference system and improve the work efficiency and scientific decision level, was named in Huangshi City, Hubei Province and the national light industry information system excellent demonstration unit. Yang Baichang advocate a people-oriented corporate culture, practice and advance “for the community to create wealth, let employee live and work in peace and contentment, built the Dongbei happy home” core values by the staff, respected and greatly enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and core competitiveness.