Dongbei Group adhere to the “science and technology enterprises, enterprise talent strategy, and strive to build innovative enterprises. Group of the existing national ministries awarded the “national recognized enterprise technology center”, “Tu Bo research station”, and “academician workstation for scientific research” and “Dongbei in Italy technology R & D center” research and development institutions. The company has built a enterprise technology center as the core of the innovation platform for enterprise innovation and development to provide a strong technical support.

Enterprise Technology Center

Enterprise technology center is the core technology of Dongbei Group, is a set of theoretical research, product development, technology application in one of the integrated scientific research base. Center has 6487 square meters of office buildings, facilities, environmental comfort. Also built a domestic first-class testing center, equipped with the international advanced level of software and hardware facilities. Test center is provided with a compressor performance test room, refrigerator compressor matching test room, motor laboratory, high temperature life testing room, the noise test room, physical room, laboratories, precision measurement room research laboratory. Technology center in 2009 by the state five ministries jointly identified as the national enterprise technology center”.

Technology Center focuses on technological innovation in the following areas: refrigeration compressor technology, motor technology, environmental protection and energy-saving technology, electrical noise control technology, solar technology, electrical control, casting light industry, new materials and so on.

Innovation team

Dongbei Group has a professional technical innovation team, the existing professional and technical personnel more than 1000 people. Has a large number of technical experts, including compressor professional, electrical professional, refrigeration professional, material and so on. Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 Chinese Academy of Sciences, the State Council, the State Council to enjoy the government subsidy project technical experts 4 people, Hubei special government subsidies in 3 young people.