Donper group selected the 2014 annual “top 100 enterprises China

By June 12th, China Light Industry Federation hosted the fourth Chinese light entrepreneurs forum and the top 100 enterprises awards ceremony held in Beijing, the conference issued the 2014 annual China light industry hundred enterprises “list, the East Bay Group ranked sixty-eighth on the list, the list of top eighth financial capacity and market capacity of 100 eighty-first a list of. Ranked first in the list of the enterprises of all compressor.
Chinese light entrepreneurs forum and 100 awards ceremony is an important annual event China light industry association. The current session of the “new normal, new drivers and new ideas” as the theme, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the SASAC, the State Statistical Bureau relevant leaders attended the meeting, on the “The Belt and Road” strategy, Chinese manufacturing, “Internet plus” and other topics focus on interpretation, and the list of enterprises in recognition.
“100 Chinese light industrial enterprises list is the authoritative list of light industry evaluation of the competitiveness of enterprises, but also an important standard to measure China light industrial enterprise development activity. The list by the China Light Industry Federation in accordance with the unified evaluation system, from the company’s operating income, gross profit, operating income margin, tax revenue accounted for the proportion of income tax, electronic commerce, R & D investment and operating income growth of seven indicators of comprehensive evaluation, and the China Light Industry Association Office approved and.
In 2014, the face of the new normal under the complex situation and the fierce market competition, the East Bay Group and give full play to the leading position in the industry, and actively promote technological innovation, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and strive to achieve the industry and society, harmonious development and ecological. At the same time, through the brand, quality, technology, personnel, services, marketing strategy, and further enhance the market competitiveness, seize the commanding heights of the development, production and sales continue to maintain first, made an important contribution to the development of leading industry.

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