Group Party committee held the party’s mass line educational practice summary

On the afternoon of October 31, by group of the party organization of the party’s mass line of educational practice summing up meeting held in Tieshan industrial park entertainment hall, group members of Party committees, Party branch team members, part of the middle-level cadres, Party members, staff representatives a total of 120 more than person to participate. Han Maoguo, deputy head of the nineteenth steering group, the SASAC supervision group leader Ji Dachen attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the group’s Commission for Discipline Inspection, the union chairman Wang Guhua.

Meeting, the group party secretary, Chairman Yang Baichang on behalf of the group Party committee and educational practice leading group at the meeting as a summary report, a comprehensive review of the company to carry out the main approach of education practice, the achievements and existing problems and shortcomings. He said, in the company of educational practice since launching in February this year, to the leadership group key, the second grade corporate leadership into range, making ordinary Party members by education, implementation of the “according to the mirror, is dressed, wash bath, cure cure” the general requirements, closely around “for the people, pragmatic, honest,” the main content, closely focusing on the “four winds” outstanding problems to carry out educational practice. Better to complete the study and education, to hear their views, revealing problems, criticism, the implementation of the rectification, build Zhang Li to the work of three aspects of the system. Through nearly 8 months of solid work, has achieved outstanding results. First, the team’s “initiative” to enhance the. Two is the team’s “positive energy” increased. Three employees in the heart of the “warm feeling” increased. Four is operating on the road of the confidence index increased.

Yang Secretary pointed out that the party’s educational practice, the overall effect is very significant, but there are still on the understanding of the heavy light; rectification on the former tight loose aspect of the problem. Yang Secretary of the requirements, the next step to combine learning and implement the spirit of the conference of the central, to continue to “high standards and strict requirements” to the determination of rectification and reform implementation, implementation of strict party spirit. One is bound to bear the responsibility for the party building; the second is to consistently follow the guidelines of the party political life; the third is single-minded to strengthen supervision and management of the contingent of cadres; fourth, have kept their promises turn style, and promote development. Always do the ideology is not relaxed, standards are not reduced, work is not slack, the intensity is not reduced, solid, systematic, in-depth, lasting consolidate and expand the achievements of educational practice.

Municipal State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission steering group leader Ji Dachen at the meeting made an important speech, he thinks Dongbei to carry out the educational practice down-to-earth and orderly and the depth of the health, which combined with the actual business also achieved remarkable results, and reflect the four outstanding characteristics: one Party Committee attaches great importance to, and brought conduction band head practice, adhere to high standards and strict requirements, full coverage. The two is to learn the form of education, ideological understanding rigorous realistic, always learning and education and improve the ideological understanding of Party members and cadres throughout the activities of the. The three is to solicit opinions, heart honesty, check accurate and deep analysis of the reasons, the democratic life will be open well. Four is the legislative change directly. The “legislative reform” as the principle of action, in order to grasp the problems in the production and operation of the style of the team to solve the problem.

Ji leader stressed that education practice of ending is definitely not the style construction of the end, carry out the mass line without a pause, style construction forever on the road, hope company Party committee is to persist in doing a good job learning education, Party members and cadres continued to improve the style, the second is to continuous grasping the implementation of the rectification, build Zhang Li system, from start to finish, consolidate the achievements, third, it is necessary to seriously implement strictly, grass-roots party building work.

At the end of the meeting, all the participants in the Dongbei group leadership team to carry out educational practice of the Democratic appraisal. According to statistics, the unit to carry out the overall evaluation of educational practice activities, learning and education, thematic democratic life, the implementation of the rectification and other aspects of the content of the good and better accounting for the proportion of 100%.

Before all the delegates also collective learning informed of Xi in the education practice of the mass line of the Party Central Committee summary conference speech and Eighth Plenary Session.

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